In our experience, Mitsubishi manufactures the best ductless technology, hands down! The quality of their systems is unrivaled and undisputed.

There are dozens of manufacturers that make similar products but nobody makes a ductless heat pump that can compete with the performance and reliability of a Mitsubishi Electric ductless mini-split!

Whether you are looking for a ductless mini-split system or a zoned ducted solution to keep you comfortable, we have you covered. Check out the options below and give us a call for a complimentary in-home design consultation.

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High Wall-Mount

These iconic fan coils are our most popular units! They install most anywhere and typically perform much better than any other style. They are also the least expensive option for an indoor unit.

There are three popular choices in this category:

Model - GL

This is the standard model and by far the most popular. It also has more options for sizing than any others and provides high performance with whisper-quiet operation.

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Model - FH

This high tech model comes with Mitsubishi’s patented i-See technology. A rotating scanner discreetly monitors hot and cold spots of a room and automatically directs warm or cool air in that direction to prevent even the slightest difference in temperature. It also features an odor absorbing carbon filter. This model is perfect for larger spaces such as living rooms with attached kitchens. Watch the tech here!

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Model - EF Designer Series

Introducing the newest addition to the high-wall models, the Designer Series. Stylish and slightly slimmer than the GL model (by about 2”), the EF has a contemporary design with sharp edges and beautiful lines, perfect for the modern home. Available in 3 colors (Bright Glossy White, Matte Silver & Glossy Black).

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Ceiling - Recessed

Another option is the ceiling-recessed unit. Perfect for rooms without wall space, these units are installed in your ceiling and come in two models.

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Designed to fit between standard joists in your ceiling, this model has soared in popularity since its launch in 2018. Advanced filtration, whisper-quiet and out of sight!

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This cassette offers 4-way air flow, perfect for replacing your ceiling fan or for larger rooms. It also has an optional i-See sensor to monitor and eliminate any hot/cold spots in the room.


Floor-Mount fan coils are the perfect option for homes where a high-wall mount is not desired or possible. They mount low to the wall and can go just about anywhere.

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Model - KJ

The KJ model features similar styling to the EF (Designer Series) high-wall mount fan coil.

Hybrid-Ducted Systems

Sometimes it just makes sense to use ductwork or maybe none of the fan coils above suit your style. Choose from one of these two efficient ducted system with a ductless unit. A popular option: A ducted system for the majority of the home as one zone and a ductless unit for the master bedroom.


These high-efficiency, ultra-quiet systems can replace your existing furnace and coil to accommodate a larger zone using ducting. Fits in a closet, garage or even on its side in an attic or basement. A perfect addition to the family of zoned climate control systems to help fit every home.

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This compact rectangular air handler would be hidden in the attic and is perfect for zoning smaller rooms without having a fan coil exposed in the room or for a large master bedroom with an en suite.

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Most fan coils come standard with a remote for individual operation.

Kumo Cloud

Allows any fan coil to be operated via Wi-Fi and a smart phone app

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