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A Ductless America

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Meet Christopher Parker
Founder, CEO

Shortly after high school, I got a job as an HVAC technician. I fell in love with it right away, becoming genuinely interested in fixing things and meeting new people every day. Years before starting this company, I experienced what a nightmare my parents’ remodel was with their contractor. Why does it have to be like that? I created this company with the intention of getting like-minded people together who wanted to provide excellent provide excellent, personalized customer service at a fair price; where great people can go to do great things for great people. Welcome to Command Comfort!


Our small team is comprised of leading experts in ductless mini-split systems and new hybrid-zoned systems, dedicated to bringing you the best experience possible. We specialize in providing premium climate control for homes and businesses alike with the very best from Mitsubishi Electric/American Standard. And we’re so confident in what we do that we provide an exclusive Lifetime Warranty on Installations!

Our Team

Paul Perez

Paul Perez

Certified Team Leader
Paul is a “hands-on” mechanical guy who finds great pleasure in fixing things. Paul is a big part of our "work" family here and if you ever meet him at a company BBQ, he’ll likely be the one wearing the apron.
Jonathan Hanna

Jonathan Hanna

Certified Team Leader
Jon has a strong background in electrical and has found a passion in installing mini-split systems. We'd be lost without his incredible technical mind sometimes and are very grateful for his dedication to this company.  You always know it is him coming around the corner because of his long, luscious hair.
Jack Mayekawa

Jack Mayekawa

Field Operations Director
Jack spent many years as an off-road vehicle fabricator but wanted something different eventually. He was referred to us in 2010 and is proud to still call Command Comfort his second home and family. Speaking of family. Jack is a true family man. Now a proud father of 3. Spending time with his family is what makes him the happiest and how he unwinds from hard days in the field installing and servicing HVAC systems. Aside from his family and work, Jack loves giving hugs and country music.
Jamie Brennan

Jamie Brennan

New Business Director
Jamie left a prosperous career in window sales to join our team in 2014 because of his belief in the product and the people. Jamie, now heading our mini-split installation designs is a down to earth honest person who knows how to design a mini-split system better than anyone else. He doesn't like the term salesperson because he focuses on educating homeowners and allowing them to make a decision based on the information he provides. Aside from his honesty, people love his British accent and it's in his birth country of England that he usually vacations with his family when possible.
Nicole St. James

Nicole St. James

Customer Care Specialist
You can't help but smile when you talk to Nicole on the phone. She has the sweetest voice and truly cares about people. With that she is a perfect fit with us here. Nicole loves working here but of course more than that, loves spending time with her family.

come visit us and see our showroom!
In partnership with Mitsubishi Electric/American Standard, we built the only showroom in Orange County for showcasing ductless mini-split products. We welcome you to come visit us and see these unique products first hand. And we’ll give you an exclusive offer for taking the trip.

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