- Meet The Crew -

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Christopher Parker

After spending many years learning how to repair and install HVAC systems, Chris started the business with a simple goal in mind… to create a place where great people can do great things for others. His passions are golf and his family, not necessarily in that order.
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Jack Mayekawa

Field Operations Director
Jack joined the team in 2011 while he was studying HVAC technical school in Long Beach. His background as an off-road fabricator gave him an edge at quickly becoming a fantastic technician and now our lead installer. He’s the first one to give out hugs at company meetings and events.
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Paul Perez

Certified Team Leader
Paul is a “hands-on” mechanical guy who finds great pleasure in fixing things. He has been an amazing addition to our team and quickly worked his way up to being a fantastic leader. If you meet him at one of our company BBQ’s, he’ll likely be the one wearing the apron.
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Jonathan Hanna

Certified Team Installer
With a strong background in electrical, Jon has expanded his skills greatly by joining the Command Comfort team. He loves installing, servicing and (occasionally) repairing ductless mini-split systems. We love his long hair.
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Luis Vasquez

Install Team Helper
Luis left a local HVAC contractor and joined us in 2018 after deciding that, in fact, ductless was the future of heating and air conditioning. His two beautiful children are his motivation in life and thinking of them helps him through even the most difficult of days in the field.
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Jamie Brennan

New Business Director
Jamie, previously a successful window sales rep, left and joined us because he found a product and a company he trusted. Customers appreciate his upfront and honest attitude… sometimes it’s his British accent.
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David Conceicao

Certified Comfort Advisor
David is a talker and a genuinely nice guy. He is eager to learn more about the business and to be in a position where he can meet new people and help them every day. We love his positive attitude and the seemingly endless number of stories he has to share.
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Brittany Moya-Duke

Customer Care Director
Brittany joined Command Comfort fresh out of college because she wanted to be a part of a growing company with a fun culture (typical millennial ). She is a rock star and quickly proved herself to be more than capable of leading our customer care department.
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Cindy Yoshizu

Office Administrator
With her background in finance and her passion to help animals, Cindy is an amazing addition to the team. Her favorite days at the office are when Chris’ dog, Burnt Bacon (aka: BB) comes to work with him for the day.

Why Us?

When you buy something that’s going to be used for years to come, you want a relationship that you can believe in, with good people that you can trust.

This is where Command Comfort shines. We really are not like the other guys.

With each of our customers, we build a relationship. When people hire us, it’s not just to install a piece of equipment. They expect a great experience and we do our best to provide. We want to be your resource for any heating and air conditioning services for life.

Our Warranties

We won the Mitsubishi Diamond Contractor Award of Excellence. That’s a big deal in our industry!

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12-year Manufacturer Warranty:

By choosing Command Comfort, you’re already ahead of the game. Because we’ve earned the Mitsubishi Electric Certified Diamond Contractor status, your unit is warrantied for a full 12 years — that’s an added 2 years more than any non-certified installer can promise.

1-year Labor Guarantee:

If you experience a problem, any problem within a year of the installation, it’s on us.

Lifetime Installation Warranty:

We’re so confident in what we do, we offer a lifetime warranty on our installation, so long as you keep your unit/s maintained with our Extended Comfort Agreement.


See What Our Customers Are Saying About Us

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Geoff Clawson

Best in the business. Wouldn't think of calling anyone else for A/C needs.

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PJ Molina

This is my second time with these guys, and they have always been easy to work with and are very professional. The guys are really meticulous and thorough in their installations. They make it a point you understand every aspect of the job and make sure that you are satisfied with the product as well as the installation. I bought my first 3 Mitsubishi FH split type air conditioner units back in April 2017. The energy efficiency is second to none! I spend more money running my old 54” LCD tv for 4 hours a day than running all 3 units for 8 hours- it’s that efficient! If you guys can swing it, I advise you to go for the Mitsubishi MSZ-FH model. These units are super quiet. The air from the units smell fresh and clean every time you turn It on. It has this technology called “nano platinum filter” and what it does is that it scrubs the air of bacteria and viruses, -now, how cool is that! But the best part is the KUMO cloud. That’s the one function that really sold me to this product. You can control your A/C from anywhere and monitor the temperature in each room from wherever you are. The best part is that you can turn on the A/C on a specific room (zone) that you want without turning all of the units of the house at once. So before I leave work on a hot summer day, I turn on the A/C in the living room and the Master Bedroom and leave the other rooms turned off. By the time I get home, the areas that I turned on are already nice and cool. Here’s another thing, you can set it in different temps depending on what you feel like. So let’s say you set one room at 72*, you can set another for 68* while the other units are off. I call it “Zonal Air”! If you want the whole house “Central Air” going on as well, that is ok too. Then there’s the “I-see”, sensor that scans hot spots in your room and directs the cool air there so that you get an even cooling everywhere. I can go on and on about it but having used these units for 2 years, I can really attest to how amazing this product and company is. Now, you’re wondering why I’m just writing this review 2 years after the fact. I’m in the middle of a renovation and so we decided to add another 3 FH units and another outdoor Unit. That being said, Command Comfort was there to provide my specific needs once again! Kudos to the company most specially Jack, Paul, and Jon! Thank you once again since this review was long overdue. All the best!

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Melanie Oxley

Excellent service from start to finish! Professional, courteous, on-time arrivals with confirmation calls in advance — thank you to all the office staff, Jamie my consultant/estimator, and especially to Jon and Paul for great team work installing my Mitsubishi. I could not be happier. I highly recommend Command Comfort.

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Nikki Stewart

Command Comfort is a top notch company. They are extremely professional and always do a great job. Thank you for your great service!

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John Ryskowski

Professional from top to bottom. Estimates and details well documented throughout the process. Of the three estimates they came in just above the lowest one. Workers are efficient, friendly and focused. Right down to the overshoes whenever the house was entered.

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Beth Reppert

We couldn't have been more pleased with the Command Comfort Team. They were professional, curious, clean and very nice.

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