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Repair AC & Furnace Huntington Beach

Regularly servicing and maintaining your AC and furnace is essential to ensure they remain operating properly, yet even when you are on top of this, sometimes things do go wrong. If this happens, you understandably want it fixed fast! Command & Comfort is here to help, delivering expert furnace repair and air conditioning repair in Huntington Beach, California. We are the best at what we do throughout Orange County and we will quickly diagnose and repair the issues your system has to get you feeling comfortable again in no time.

Air Conditioning Repair in Huntington Beach

In Southern California’s unforgiving climate, you need to be able to count on your air conditioning system to efficiently cool your home, your office, or your commercial space. If your AC is not working properly, it will not only fail in its job, but it will also cost you more in electricity bills.

Call for AC repair in Huntington Beach:

  • if your AC breaks down
  • if it won’t turn on
  • if it leaks
  • if it sounds strange
  • if it smells

Command and Comfort work with both residential and commercial clients with ductless mini-split systems, central heating, and AC systems.

Furnace Repair in Huntington Beach

When it gets cold enough outside to entice you to turn on the heater, you want your furnace to work quickly and effectively. Regular maintenance is important, and if your furnace is faulty in any way, you need to call for dependable furnace repair in Huntington Beach to get the problem diagnosed and fixed as soon as possible.

Your furnace may need repair (and possible replacement) if:

  • it heats unevenly
  • it cycles on and off
  • cold air comes from the vents
  • the pilot light is burnt out
  • it makes strange noises
  • your energy bills are inexplicably rising

Command and Comfort can deliver prompt, professional and friendly service and repair. If your furnace needs replacement, we will advise and offer recommendations.

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