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Choose the Right HVAC System

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Central A/C

A very common method, Central AC uses a network of ducts to heat or cool the whole home at once. This is inefficient, expensive to install, and not actually suitable for every home.

Through-wall/window A/C

These are also quick and inexpensive to set up, and work well for heating or cooling a main room, but typically aren’t an effective lasting solution. As they’re parked in the window, they may pose security risks, too.

Portable A/C units

The cheapest and easiest cooling option to set up, portable units work well to get you through a heat wave, but come with their drawbacks. They’re noisy, inefficient, and require you to dangle a drainage hose out the nearest window...

Evaporative A/C

Sometimes called swamp coolers, these units use fans to push hot outside air through soaked pads to bring cool air into your home. Unless you want to keep your windows open to run your cooler, this is probably not your best option...


Of course you can also get a fan... Or meet Ductless.

DUCTLESS, or a Mini-Split system, uses a combined indoor and outdoor unit to directly pump air into a room, without the need for ductwork. Unlike Central A/C, this makes for clean, affordable and efficient air conditioning! Much of the world already knows and loves Ductless A/C. Slowly but surely, US markets are also catching up.

Ductless systems are on the rise!

Ductless is:

  • Efficient — Save as much as 40% on heating and cooling, compared to central A/C.
  • Customizable — No matter how large or small your house, ductless units allow you to control the temperature of each room independently.
  • Responsive — Whether heating or cooling, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at just how easy and quick it works.
  • Long-lasting — Each ductless system is built to last, and with good installation and maintenance, they can keep your home comfortable through the seasons.

Ductless isn’t:

  • A space heater or portable cooler — far from a "quick-fix", ductless units are an efficient, permanent alternative to central A/C.
  • Noisy — Don’t worry about the A/C kicking on and scaring your cat. Operating as low as 19db, these units are quieter than a whisper!
  • Harmful to air quality — Command Comfort helps you breathe easy! With state-of-the-art multi-part advanced filtration systems, you’ll want a unit in each room!

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The Right Size

For any HVAC system, including ductless, properly sizing the system is critical to the system’s performance and your comfort.

  • REGION — Where you live matters! The average temperature and humidity levels in your area are important for determining what you’ll need from your system.
  • LOAD CALCULATION — If you’ve never heard this term before, don’t worry. Many HVAC contractors don’t know it either - but we do and will perform your load calculations free!

This is critical because a system that’s too small won’t provide comfort, and a system that’s too powerful won’t dehumidify the air, and you’ll go from feeling too cold, right back to feeling too hot.

The Right Price

A Mitsubishi ductless system does come with an upfront cost, but with efficient heating and cooling year-round, you’ll be saving over the life of the system!

The Right Team

The Command Comfort team is here to help! Our experts will design the perfect system for your needs, free of charge and free of commitments. Command Comfort is one of the few Mitsubishi Diamond ELITE Contractors in So Cal, which means all of our installations and service are backed by extended factory warranties and peace of mind for you.

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