Should my employer cover utility costs of my HVAC system if I’m working from home now due to COVID-19?

In response to “stay-at-home” orders issued by Governor Gavin Newson of California to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus, commonly known as COVID-19. Many employers have been asking, even requiring employees to work from home indefinitely.  For you this may at first seem like a dream at first. And then you realize that your […]

Why Command Comfort is Worth the Wait

Being a Heating and Air Conditioning contractor in Orange County, CA is a funny business. Especially a residential HVAC service and installation contractor. Very few people want our services unless it’s hot. The economy can be booming, and it was before COVID-19 like never before, but even then. People only shop for what they want, […]

Flexibility to Fit Your Needs

Houses are like people.  They come in many styles, shapes, ages, and sizes, and each one is unique.  Yet the traditional ducted HVAC system operates as if the home is a homogenous blob.  Whereas in reality every home is a collection of microclimates and microhabitats.  Ducted HVAC systems attempt to impose a broad inflexible solution […]

Breathe Easier, Go Ductless

Sometimes, living better entails nothing more than recognizing a problem we might otherwise overlook.  And indoor air quality is a problem easily and often overlooked since after all, you generally cannot see it.  Nevertheless, indoor air quality plays a central role in the health of every home and workplace.  The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, links […]