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Heating Installation and Replacement Services in Huntington Beach, CA

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Our heating season might be much shorter than the cooling season, but you still need a reliable heating system in the winter. We install, replace, and repair central heating systems such as gas and electric furnaces. We also install state-of-the-art climate control systems such as heat pumps, ductless mini splits, and hybrid mini split systems that provide both heating and cooling to keep you comfortable all year round.

  • We do it right the first time
  • Lifetime warranty on installations and parts
  • We meet your standards, guaranteed

You can count on Command Comfort for heating and furnace services that’ll help you achieve the perfect, reliable climate in your Huntington Beach, CA home. We’ll keep you comfortable!

Climate Control for Life.


Furnace Installation/Replacement

A furnace is a popular option for providing efficient whole-house heating using the ductwork in your home. That’s because they’re an economical choice that’ll provide fast and efficient heating to your SoCal home. Central furnaces are also referred to as split systems because they consist of an indoor and outdoor unit. You can count on us to help you size a furnace for your home and for professional furnace installation and replacement.

Ductless Heating Installation/Replacement

No ducts in your home? Is your existing ductwork problematic? Or perhaps you want a heating system that’ll really maximize your home comfort. A ductless heating installation could be the solution you’re searching for. Command Comfort is SoCal’s experts when it comes to ductless heating replacements. From a ductless AC replacement to a hybrid mini split, we do it all and guarantee we’ll meet your high standards in Huntington Beach, CA.

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