What Does Good Service Look Like?

Good Service Begins with Expertise Providing quality service requires an in-depth knowledge of the subject matter and practical competency when it comes to applying that knowledge.  At Command Comfort, we have been working since 2008 to establish our reputation for quality installations and top notch maintenance.  Our collective experience has exposed us to a wide […]

Choosing Zoned Climate Control

Air conditioning is an important element of home comfort.  Whether it’s too cold or too hot, climate control and finding the right temperature matters.  But as you search for hvac companies near me, you’ll soon find there is more than one climate control solution.  There is general climate control, that you can get with central […]

Climate Control: A Modern Solution

There are many advantages to using ductless mini-split systems.  They are more efficient.  They are long-lasting.  They are quiet.  They come in a variety of options.  They don’t require ducts.  They can be adjusted individually.  But one of their main draws is that they truly are a modern solution.  Now, it’s easier than ever to […]

What Is A Ductless Mini-Split System?

Many people are familiar with central air conditioning.  It’s a traditional approach to cooling or heating your home.  But it’s not always a possibility, or the best option.  An alternative solution to HVAC in Orange County is the ductless mini-split system.   Ductless? Traditional air conditioning requires ducts to work.  But not all homes have ducts.  […]

Climate Control Options

When it comes to climate control, it is important to know you have options.  There are main options, such as central air conditioning, or ductless, or even hybrid systems.  But then there are options underneath.  When considering your air conditioning companies in Orange County, it is important to consider the variety of options that exist. […]

Why Mitsubishi Electric?

At Command Comfort, we stand behind ductless climate control technology, because of its many benefits.  But we don’t just advocate for any ductless mini-split system.  We firmly believe that Mitsubishi Electric makes the best ductless systems.  Here we’ll discuss why we believe you should choose a Mitsubishi ductless air conditioner, and why it is one […]