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3 Uncommon AC Issues You Should Know About

Here in SoCal where you use your air conditioner throughout much of the year, most homeowners are quite familiar with the basic problem that can arise. Refrigerant leaks, frozen evaporator coils, and a heat pump that won’t switch modes are some common problems you’ve probably encountered. 

But what about the unusual issues that can spring up? Let’s go over some issues that you don’t see as often. That way, you’ll know what’s behind them and whether it warrants a call for air conditioning repair in Huntington Beach.

1. One Mini Split Isn’t Cooling

Ductless mini split systems are phenomenal–until they stop cooling down your home. Sometimes a single mini split head will stop working while the rest are working just fine. Although this is a less frustrating issue compared to the whole system going out, it still needs to be remedied, especially if that mini split is in a room that’s used a lot.

The first thing to do in this situation is to replace the batteries on the remote control to see if that remedies the problem. If that doesn’t do it, several other possibilities exist. It could be an issue with the blower fan or an electrical problem. 

The likely culprit is an issue with the connections to the primary outdoor unit. These connections pass through a set of conduits located behind the walls. The conduits include refrigerant lines, power lines, and condensate drains. Any one of these lines can sustain damage and if that happens, a single mini split won’t work.

2. Water Damage

Water damage and AC systems aren’t usually words that you hear in the same sentence. But an air conditioner can sustain water damage related to the fact that it essentially removes condensation from your home. 

Water damage can occur because of several different scenarios. The first is the condensate line. This is how the excess moisture is drained out of your home. This line is narrow and susceptible to clogs, especially if routine AC maintenance has been neglected. 

A water leak can also create mold and mildew that spreads within your HVAC system. Then the spores attach in areas like your ductwork, grow even more, and blow back out into your home. If your home smells musty or moldy, or if you notice visible mold anywhere in your home, it needs to be addressed sooner rather than later.

3. The Outdoor Unit Is Sinking

You may notice that nearly all outdoor AC cabinets are on stone slabs. This keeps your AC cabinet from shifting around and eventually sinking into the ground. A stable foundation for your cabinet is essential for the whole system to work. 

That’s because it can lead to a whole host of problems such as increased strain on the system and water drainage problems. If the unit is off balance, the condenser (located inside the cabinet) will vibrate stronger. The motors and fans will wear down faster and the shaking can even disrupt the refrigerant lines. A sinking outdoor cabinet is at risk of collecting water inside which will lead to mold and rust.

Contact the team at Command Comfort today for air conditioning repair in Huntington Beach. Climate Control for Life. 

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