“Prevention is better than cure”.

Your air conditioner operates with mechanical equipment that needs to be cleaned and tuned professionally on a regular schedule. You must choose the right people to undertake this service for you – and at Command Comfort, we have the skills and training to properly tune and clean your A/C system – giving you peace of mind knowing that you only have the very best in the business working on your investment.

It’s crucial to have your air conditioner serviced regularly. By having scheduled professional HVAC maintenance checks and seeking the best “air conditioning service near me”, your air conditioner will operate reliably, saving you money in the longer term and alleviating stress. Regular, scheduled maintenance and servicing will guarantee the prolonged life and peak performance of your AC, keeping your system running smoothly. It will also help you to keep your energy bills as low as possible.

We provide exceptional quality maintenance services for:

  • Residential mini-split systems
  • Residential central heating and air conditioning systems
  • Commercial mini-split systems
  • Commercial VRF systems


There are times when things can go wrong. Command Comfort is also here to help provide fast and effective solutions for air conditioning repair in Los Alamitos and surrounding areas so that you can get the issue identified and fixed quickly.

We have a friendly, professional team of highly trained technicians and industry experts who will promptly attend your premises, troubleshoot your issues, and repair your existing air conditioning system.

We offer HVAC repair services for:

  • Residential ductless mini-split systems
  • Commercial ductless mini-split systems
  • Residential central heating & A/C systems
  • Commercial central heating & A/C systems

When you need “AC repair near me” or regular service for ongoing maintenance, look no further than Command Comfort. We offer a variety of plan options to suit everyone’s unique needs and budget – giving you confidence and peace of mind.

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