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Heating and Cooling for the Entire Home

Central A/C & Heating is something we are all familiar with. Still there are many options these days from a basic gas furnace with a condenser outside to a variable speed air handler with a heat pump. Explore the options below.

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Central A/C & Heating

Central A/C & Heating is generally a split-style system and is quite common for residential homes in Southern California. You’ll have a single control (thermostat) for the entire house so you may experience some uneven temperatures between parts of your home. Especially between floors on multi-level homes. For more precise climate control, see our ductless and hybrid systems.

Gas Furnaces

A gas furnace is a central heating system that uses a fan to pull the cold air from the home and push it over a hot heat exchanger which is warmed by the gas burners. Ultimately that warm air then travels through the ductwork and into your rooms. A gas furnace is very common in Southern California, however, the State of California has been adopting policies to reduce them and ultimately do away with them. In October 2019, ultra-low nox furnaces were required for parts of So Cal including Orange & Los Angeles County and this technology is still evolving. Our Project Managers would be happy to discuss more details in person.


Central A/C

A central air conditioner in a split-style system which is quite common for residential homes in Southern California. It is one of the three pieces to a central A/C & heating system. Referred to as a condenser, it would be located outside and piped to an evaporator coil inside the home. The evaporator coil is hooked up to a gas furnace typically. You’ll need all 3 pieces for central A/C to work and when replacing, it’s best to replace all three pieces. Alternatively and becoming more and more popular would be the use of an air handler (in lieu of a gas furnace and evaporator coil) and a heat pump outside as a safer, greener choice for both central heating and A/C.


Central Heat Pump

A heat pump is a great way to provide efficient heating and cooling throughout the ductwork in your home without the need for a gas furnace. This is considered a green option as it removes the need for a carbon fuel burning gas furnace. A heat pump simply and efficiently reverses the refrigerant flow and extracts heat from outside and transfers it inside. Heat pumps in mild climates such as ours in Orange and Los Angeles County are wonderful.


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