My home was built without any ductwork.
My home has at least one spot that gets too hot or too cold.
I’m concerned about high monthly electric bills.
I plan to live in this home for at least 5 years
Indoor Air Quality is important to me.
3 or more rooms are unoccupied at any given time.
Controlling and customizing my climate throughout the house is important to me.
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The Ultimate Climate Control Solutions

One room to hot or too cold? A single zone may be a perfect solution for you.

Want room-by-room climate control for multiple rooms? Check out a multi-zone system. Go all ductless for best performance or consider a hybrid system for most seamless integration into your home.

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High Wall-Mount Styles

These iconic fan coils are our most popular units! They install almost anywhere and typically provide the best performance. They are also the least expensive option for an indoor unit.

There are three popular choices in this category:

Model WST – Standard

Most popular, great for any room and style

  • Capacity from 6k to 24k BTU’s
  • Whisper quiet operation as low as 19db (pssst. that’s quieter than a human whisper)
  • Advanced air filtration: Nano Platinum & Anti-Allergy Enzyme filters included

Model WPH – Deluxe

Deluxe model, perfect for larger rooms

  • Capacity from 6k to 18k BTU’s
  • Top Class energy ratings as high as 33.1 SEER*
  • Best Air Filtration: Nano Platinum & Anti-Allergy Enzyme filters included PLUS a deodorizing filter

Model EF – Designer

Designer model, perfect for the modern home

  • 3 color options: glossy white, matte silver and glossy black
  • 2″ slimmer than standard model
  • Advanced hand-held remote included

Ceiling Recessed Styles

Another great option is the ceiling-recessed unit. Perfect for rooms without wall space or for homeowners who want a more flush mount look. These units are installed and recessed into your ceiling and come in two models.

Model UKS – 1 Way Ceiling Cassette

Sleek modern design, hides in the ceiling but provides great heating and cooling for most size rooms

  • Unique design allows it to be installed between standard ceiling joist. Usually without framing
  • 1-Way air flow vane is controllable up and down and side to side
  • Advanced hand-held remote included

Model CKS – 4 Way Ceiling Cassette

An all new design on this cassette, hides in the ceiling. Great for center of room to replace ceiling fan

  • Design allows for multiple location options in a room
  • 4-Way air flow vane controllable up and down. One may be setup to remain closed allowing for 3-way airflow
  • Optional i-See sensor available to monitor hot/cold spots in larger rooms and sense occupancy for best efficiency

Floor-Mount Style

The Model FKS features modern styling and high-performance.

  • Design allows for low wall mounting so it can be out of sight
  • Multi-flow Vane controls the airflow and allows freedom to customize comfort and hyper-heat
  • Advanced hand-held remote included


Central Air Heat Pump

These high-efficiency, ultra-quiet systems can replace your existing furnace and hook up to your existing ducting. Fits in a closet, garage or even on its side in an attic or basement. A perfect addition to the family of zoned climate control systems to help fit every home.


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