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Climate Control Options

When it comes to climate control, it is important to know you have options.  There are main options, such as central air conditioning, or ductless, or even hybrid systems.  But then there are options underneath.  When considering your air conditioning companies in Orange County, it is important to consider the variety of options that exist.

A Variety Of Options

There are a variety of air conditioning units to consider.  Many of the best options are ductless.  There are high wall-mount units.  These are a popular and affordable option.  They can be installed anywhere, and typically perform better than other options.  There are three popular models to choose from in this area.  There is the Model-GL, which is the standard and most popular model.  This has a variety of options of sizing, and can be perfect for any room.  Then there is the Model-FH.  This comes with Mitsubishi’s i-See technology that monitors hot and cold areas in a room and sends air directly to them.  It also features an odor-absorbing carbon filter. This model is ideal for larger spaces.   Then there is Model-EF Designer Series.  This is a stylish and slimmer model.  It has a contemporary and sleek design that make it perfect for the modern home.  It even comes in three colors:  bright glossy white, matte silver, and glossy black.

Next up are ceiling-recessed units.  These are ideal for rooms without wall space.  They can be installed on your ceiling.  They come in two models: Model-MLZ and Model-SLZ-KP.  The former is designed to fit between standard joists in your ceiling, and is whisper-quiet and out of sight, and utilizes advanced filtration.  The latter offers 4-way air flow and has an optional i-See sensor to monitor hot and cold spots.  Another option is the floor-mount unit.  These are a great option in homes where a high wall-mount option is not available or desired.  They mount low to the wall and can go just about anywhere, making them a versatile choice. Model-KJ features similar styling to the EF Designer Series high wall-mount unit.

Another type of option are hybrid-ducted systems.  These allow you to make use of ductwork, but offer you the flexibility of using a ducted system for some of the home and ductless units for other parts.  This can give you the best of both worlds, and allow you to still use ductless systems for harder to heat or cool areas, while using ducts to cool or heat other areas that are not as finicky.  These units include Model-SVZ-KP, which is a high-efficiency, ultra-quiet system that fits in a closet, garage, or even on the side in an attic or basement.  There is also model-SEZ-KD, which is a compact rectangular air handler that can be hidden away in somewhere like the attic.  It is perfect for zoning smaller rooms or a large master bedroom.

Choosing The Right Option For You

Now that you know more about your air conditioning companies in Orange County, all that is left is choosing the right option for you.  Command Control can help you find the ultimate climate control solution.  We will help you find a climate control option that works for your home and provides you comfort for years to come.  Feel free to contact us.  We can be your resource for any heating or air conditioning need for life.

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