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Why Choose Us?

Wednesday, September 20th, 2023

We know there’s a lot of HVAC contractors to choose from here in Orange County, CA. You may be wondering what sets us apart from the competition. We provide a lifetime warranty on installations, service parts, and repairs. We believe this is one of the best guarantees in the area! We’re also experts at premium zoned climate control.

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Welcome to Our New Website

Wednesday, September 20th, 2023

Welcome to our new and improved website! We’re dedicated to serving our customers and we hope that this spiffy new site will make it easier for you to find information about us in addition to learning about all the HVAC services we provide. We decided we needed a website that reflects our top-notch services and lets you know what you can expect when you hire us for a job. 

We’ve also added a blog that’ll be updated regularly with plenty of helpful information for Huntington Beach, CA homeowners. It’ll feature useful information such as tips on how to get the best performance from your AC system, when to change your air filter, and recommendations for when it’s time for a system upgrade. Bookmark our new site so you can find us quickly when you need expert, reliable HVAC services in Southern California.

To learn more about how iMarket Solutions, the company behind our new website, can expand your presence on the web, visit

Climate Control for Life.

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Check Out Our Blog for Advice on All Things HVAC

Wednesday, September 20th, 2023

Be sure to bookmark the Command Comfort blog to start learning the ins and outs of HVAC.

We’ll regularly post energy saving tips, how-to’s on troubleshooting your systems, and breakdowns on even the most complex industry related terms and concepts.

Need help now? Send us a message or get in touch today.

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Carbon Monoxide leaks in my home What is CO poisoning and how can I prevent it?

Friday, June 30th, 2023

Most likely, you have heard of carbon monoxide. But what exactly is it? Should I be worried about it? And how do I know if my homes gas furnace is venting carbon monoxide outside of my home properly and safely?

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Virtual HVAC Service Calls. What are they and how does it work

Friday, June 16th, 2023

From the COVID-19 pandemic came panic, uncertainty, big government spending, lock downs AND… some good things also. An improved awareness of good hygiene, less traffic, great technology and of course innovations such as virtual services for your homes heating and cooling systems.

Command Comfort was among the first to not only realize that change was needed but to create and implement change. And born in March of 2020 was the Virtual HVAC Service Call. So what is a Virtual HVAC Service? And how does it work? In this article we will dive into that.

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Can central air spread viruses throughout my home?

Friday, June 2nd, 2023

I always like to start with the simple answer and then explain. And the simple answer here is yes. It can. Here I’ll describe why and really how risky it can be. And of course some alternative solutions.

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Should my employer cover utility costs of my HVAC system if I’m working from home now due to COVID-19?

Friday, May 19th, 2023

In response to “stay-at-home” orders issued by Governor Gavin Newson of California to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus, commonly known as COVID-19. Many employers have been asking, even requiring employees to work from home indefinitely. 

For you this may at first seem like a dream at first. And then you realize that your kids (should you have any) are also mandated to stay home from school. That also may seem nice at first but for many, it’s adding to a very hectic home/work life. And then… it gets HOT! 

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Why Command Comfort is Worth the Wait

Sunday, May 7th, 2023

Being a Heating and Air Conditioning contractor in Orange County, CA is a funny business. Especially a residential HVAC service and installation contractor. Very few people want our services unless it’s hot. The economy can be booming, and it was before COVID-19 like never before, but even then. People only shop for what they want, when they need it. We’re all guilty of it, myself included.

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Why You Should NOT Install Your Own Ductless Mini-Split System

Friday, May 5th, 2023

This topic comes up over and over again for us. Since Command Comfort led the way in 2015 to become Orange Counties number 1 installation and service company for ductless mini-splits, we’ve learned how to address this topic of installing your own ductless system. I hope this short article helps you answer that question.

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Will A Ceiling Fan Keep Me Cool at Night?

Friday, April 21st, 2023

As air conditioning contractors in Orange County, we are in a market where many homes don’t have air conditioning. Particularly in the beach cities such as Long Beach, Huntington Beach and Newport Beach to name a few. So people in those homes tend to rely on no more than a ceiling fan sometimes to stay cool at night. Will a ceiling fan keep you cool at night vs. air conditioning?

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