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Will A Ceiling Fan Keep Me Cool at Night?

As air conditioning contractors in Orange County, we are in a market where many homes don’t have air conditioning. Particularly in the beach cities such as Long Beach, Huntington Beach and Newport Beach to name a few. So people in those homes tend to rely on no more than a ceiling fan sometimes to stay cool at night. Will a ceiling fan keep you cool at night vs. air conditioning?

I speak from experience when I say yes. It does “feel” cooler and is certainly better than not having one. Growing up in Cypress my parents had central air conditioning and fortunately, my father loved to keep the house very, very cold. He slept downstairs which meant upstairs where my siblings and I slept was just cool enough. But when I moved out and got an apartment in Huntington Beach, CA. It did not have any type of air conditioning. Not even a cheap window or through the wall unit and my landlord wasn’t keen on me putting one in. Therefore, I relied on the ceiling fan to keep it relatively sleepable in my bedroom at night. Even in Huntington Beach, just a few blocks from the ocean. Many nights I needed air conditioning to sleep well but that fan had to do.

But then I learned something. As I got into my HVAC career and learned more about the fundamentals of mechanical devices. I learned that running the fan made me feel cooler at night but technically it added heat to my room. Now realistically the small motor in a ceiling fan isn’t going to raise the temperature even one degree probably but it doesn’t actually make the room cooler. It’s only the feeling of being cooler as the air blows over your skin. Try standing in a parking lot on a windless 100 degree day. It’s miserable. Now add wind to that factor and it’s tolerable. More wind, more tolerable. Still just as hot but it feels better.

So… if you really want to cool your bedrooms so you can sleep well in your home in Huntington Beach or anywhere in our service area of Orange and parts of LA county, give Command Comfort a call. We specialize in ductless mini-split air conditioners which provide amazing cooling power while consuming very little power. The air in your room is filtered clean while you sleep in perfect comfort. When we moved from HB to Aliso Viejo, the first thing we did was install a Mitsubishi Electric mini-split in the master bedroom and it changed my life. Best thing I’ve ever done… well maybe not the best but pretty amazing.

Chris Parker – President of Command Comfort

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