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Command Comfort Blog

Why Command Comfort is Worth the Wait

Being a Heating and Air Conditioning contractor in Orange County, CA is a funny business. Especially a residential HVAC service and installation contractor. Very few people want our services unless it’s hot. The economy can be booming, and it was before COVID-19 like never before, but even then. People only shop for what they want, when they need it. We’re all guilty of it, myself included.

For instance. A few years ago with summer approaching, I wanted a couple of beach cruisers for my wife and I. I knew that bikes everywhere we’re available and that I’d probably get the best deal and best selection before our typical beautiful Orange County summer kicked into full gear. Yet I waited. And I waited. Saying to myself that there’s no reason to spend the money NOW for something I needed LATER. Yea, exactly.

So, when it’s hot. People want an air conditioner installed. When it’s not, well… Some people do and that’s awesome. The homeowner typically gets a quick turnaround on the HVAC system installation and often times a better deal. We get installation jobs in the “off-season” to help pay the bills and keep our team members working. And that’s good for us and good for them. A win-win which is what we like the most. 

And then it’s summer time and it’s crazy. We book two weeks out, three weeks and sometimes even further! Nobody wants to wait a month for their new mini-split system installation when it’s already hot and who can blame them. But this is a tricky situation to be in for a homeowner. Yes there are still great companies out there but when you’re uncomfortable already in your own home and you can’t sleep at night in that hot stuffy bedroom, even on top of the covers. You’re prone to choose the contactor who can do the job quickly and not necessarily the best contractor. Hence the point of this blog finally. Please, please choose wisely. Having a new HVAC system installed for your Orange County home is a massive investment. Sometimes tens of thousands of dollars. You don’t want to risk making the wrong decision and below are just a few reasons that we feel we’re worth the wait…

1) Our reputation. It speaks for itself. Gone are the old days of asking for a written list of testimonials that anyone can write. And most companies aren’t going to have you calling their past clients to “interview them”. So check reviews. We are very proud of our 5-star reputation that we’ve earned over the years. It takes a lot of work and a lot of time. Be sure to “google” a company and see what comes up. While not everything on review sites can be verifiably accurate, they’ve gotten better and should show transparency. Great companies respond well to poor reviews.

2) Our warranties. Every contractor in CA has to guarantee their labor for 1-year on a home improvement contract. That’s the law and it’s not much to ask for. Especially with expensive and complicated HVAC equipment such as a Mitsubishi mini-split system. The equipment is only as good as it’s installed. We were the first and still the only HVAC installer in Orange County, CA to offer a limited lifetime warranty on our installations. Now that’s some peace of mind! 

3) We care about people. This goes for our team members, our customers and yes, even our vendors. Not everyone does to be honest and usually it shows. They send guys out in beat down trucks, make them buy their own tools and just want to be sure they get paid at the end of the day. That’s it. We treat everyone like family and they are. We provide our field techs with the best equipment and the best training. And they themselves are the best. We pay our vendors ON-TIME (so rare for this industry) and we simply do what’s right by our customers.

Anyways, don’t rush your homes heating and air conditioning systems installation. It should last you 15-20 years easily. Choose the right company to install your HVAC system and to work with. It should be a great experience ultimately! Sorry for the wait.

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