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Command Comfort Blog

What to Expect from a Diamond Elite Contractor

If you are looking to install a new heating and cooling system, the two of the biggest decisions you face are what kind of system to install, and who you should contract to install it. With the wide selection of contractors out there it can seem difficult to differentiate one from the other, yet finding the right contractor is crucial. Even for air conditioning repair in Los Alamitos, you want to be able to trust, but verify.

Fortunately, there exist metrics by which to assess the qualifications and professionalism of HVAC contractors.  Namely, Mitsubishi Electric certifies and ranks contractors based on a three tier scale, with Diamond Elite Status representing the topmost echelon. 

You Can Expect a High Quality Installation

At Command Comfort, we pride ourselves on our Diamond Elite Contractor status.  To obtain Diamond Elite Status, our technicians undergo thorough in person training at Mitsubishi Electric certified programs.   As such, our technicians are thoroughly versed in the ins and outs of the Mitsubishi Electric systems.  Our technicians know how to install your system according to exact manufacturer standards.   

 Additionally as Diamond Elite Contractors, we use Mitsubishi certified software to verify that the installation is properly configured from the get go.  No jury rigged systems or improvisation will do.  To guarantee that a system runs properly and will continue to do so for many years, the job must be done properly.  When you choose a Diamond Elite Contractor, you can rest assured that your system is properly configured from the beginning.

You Can Expect Peace of Mind

Every unit we install, we also register with Mitsubishi Electric.  Some contractors skip this step.  We do not.  By registering every system we install,  we ensure that Mitsubishi Electric’s 10 year part warranty applies to your system.  So you will be covered for years to come. 

And just as your car requires routine maintenance to ensure reliable performance, so your heating and cooling system requires periodic service.  In the same manner that our technicians understand how to install a Mitsubishi system according to the manufacturer’s standards they also know how to service it according to the manufacturer’s specifications.  We can ensure your system continues to perform year after year.   

You Can Expect Great Customer Service

As Diamond Elite Contractors we undergo training not only in the hard skills mentioned above, but also in “soft skills” related to customer service.  As a Diamond Elite Contractor you can expect a high level of professionalism as well as a prompt response to any service request.   We believe that the ideal contractor for air conditioning repair in Los Alamitos is one who combines technical proficiency and integrity.  When you choose a Diamond Elite Contractor you can expect both.

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