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Breathe Easier, Go Ductless

Sometimes, living better entails nothing more than recognizing a problem we might otherwise overlook.  And indoor air quality is a problem easily and often overlooked since after all, you generally cannot see it.  Nevertheless, indoor air quality plays a central role in the health of every home and workplace. 

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, links poor indoor air quality with a range of negative health outcomes ranging from symptoms as mild as irritation of the eyes, to severe respiratory illness and even heart disease.   Reactions to poor air quality differ person to person, and outcomes are also influenced by the length of exposure and the levels of indoor air pollutants. As people tend to spend a lot of time indoors, it is critical that we maintain healthy places to live and work.       

A Modern Heating and Cooling System       

Command Comfort, a trusted Mitsubishi air conditioner dealer, offers a highly efficient ductless system ideal for both new and older buildings.  Modern ductless units efficiently filter air, removing allergens and other particulate matter.

In contrast, traditional ducted HVACs act as reservoirs for mold and dust.  And unfortunately, being out of sight does not mean out of mind.  How often do most ducts get cleaned?  It is probably fair to say that many ducts never get cleaned.    

 Ductless units are also ideal for older buildings in which renovating to include ducts may be either impractical or expensive.  In regards to newer structures, modern buildings are more energy efficient and therefore more airtight than their predecessors.  As modern buildings become more and more insulated from the outside environment, it becomes especially critical to include a system with effective air filtration.

Control Humidity 

Humid environments stimulate mold growth. To inhibit mold growth and promote respiratory health, humidity ought to be kept no higher than 50%.  Ductless units include humidity controlling technology, ensuring that indoor humidity remains at a healthy level with minimal attention required. 

Additionally you may want to avoid indoor water features such as fountains.  Other moist regions of the home or business include kitchens and restrooms.  Ensure that these rooms are well vented.        

Keep it Clean

Besides installing a modern ductless system, we offer a few additional ideas to help you immediately improve air quality. 

Firstly, a clean space is a healthier space.  Regular surface cleaning removes dust and microbes that otherwise ends up circulating indoors.  Performing routine cleaning and upkeep is a necessary component of good indoor air quality.          


While it is obvious, and has been said many times,  it bears repeating.  Second hand smoke is one of the most dangerous culprits when it comes to indoor air quality.  Ensure that smoking does not occur either indoors or near entrances / windows where smoke can waft indoors.    

Indoor plants

House plants are not only decorative, but experiments suggest that house plants may remove contaminants from the air.  Plants metabolize harmful compounds and sequester pollutants in plant tissue.  So don’t feel guilty about splurging on that indoor bonsai tree. 

At Command Comfort we make it our mission to make your life healthier and more comfortable by being a trusted Mitsubishi air conditioner dealer. Whatever your cooling and heating needs, we offer modern, flexible, and affordable solutions.  

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