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Flexibility to Fit Your Needs

Houses are like people.  They come in many styles, shapes, ages, and sizes, and each one is unique.  Yet the traditional ducted HVAC system operates as if the home is a homogenous blob.  Whereas in reality every home is a collection of microclimates and microhabitats.  Ducted HVAC systems attempt to impose a broad inflexible solution for every home, regardless of the home’s individual characteristics or the needs of its occupants.  Such a generic approach inevitably leads to inefficiencies in cost and sub optimum performance, and may even send you searching for ‘air conditioning service near me’ to fix your under-performing unit.

Not only do a home’s individual rooms often vary in temperature, humidity, and air circulation, but rooms also vary by function and frequency of use.  It may not be necessary to heat or cool a bedroom by day.  And likewise, the kitchen may not need to be 78 degrees at midnight in the middle of December;  unless of course you like those late night snacks.

A building’s orientation is one of the major factors influencing the temperature and comfort of the structure.  East facing rooms tend to be warmer in the morning and cooler in the evening.  An upstairs western oriented bedroom might be intolerable on a late summer afternoon.  The inflexibility of ducted HVACs makes noticeable if not significant variations in comfort from room to room inevitable.  A centralized system simply can not account for the wide array of micro climates within your home.   

And if varying preferences about what constitutes comfort are creating discord in your family, a multi zone system is an even better option still.  Ductless systems offer the flexibility to heat and cool individual rooms according to personal preference in the most efficient and comfortable manner possible.

Greater flexibility in heating and cooling also means significant energy savings.  Anyone who has lived in an older home will attest to a general lack of insulation in vintage houses.  Older homes tend to bleed cold air in the summer and warm air in the winter.  It is the cost of character. Ductless systems offer the most pragmatic climate solution by allowing you to heat and cool only those rooms used at any given time.   

Ductless systems improve your quality of life and save you money in the process. At Command Comfort we strive to make your home or office the ideal habitat.  We believe in providing customized solutions to reduce energy usage, save you money, and keep you comfortable. If you’re searching for air conditioning service near me, give Command Comfort a try.

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