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How to Tell When It’s Time to Replace your HVAC

You may not be searching for AC repair near me just yet, but the question might be lingering: how do I tell when it’s time to replace my HVAC system? Here’s a collection of common questions.

1. You Grimace everytime the electric bill arrives. 

Do you dread the monthly arrival of the electric bill, particularly during months of extreme heat or cold?  Or alternatively do you feel guilty about asking a family member to tolerate a few extra degrees to keep the power bill from becoming too ludicrous?  If so, it’s likely time to consider a modern, energy efficient, ductless system.  While installing a new system entails up front cost, you also need to consider the long term energy savings.  A modern Mitsubishi Ductless system can save as much as 40% on energy over a conventional central HVAC.  Month after month, that adds up to a lot of money.

Additionally, you will likely qualify for rebates to help offset the cost of installation.   Check with your local energy district.  For Southern California Customers, So Cal Edison routinely offers steep rebates for home and business upgrades.  As an added bonus you may also qualify for Federal or State tax rebates. 

2.  The Noise

Do you have to turn the television up to hear it over the drone of your heating or cooling unit?  Or maybe you wake up every time the unit outside your bedroom window kicks on?  Fortunately, there is no need to miss any of that baseball game or lose sleep. If you seek tranquility, a modern ductless system is the answer.  Command Comfort installs units as quiet as 19 decibels.  How quiet is 19 decibels?  Think rustling leaves or whisper quiet. 

3.  You are Generally Uncomfortable 

If you find yourself perpetually either too hot or too cold, it is time to upgrade.  There is no reason to be cranky half the time and you need not feel guilty about it either.  A properly climate controlled house will keep you not only more comfortable, but also healthier.   Modern ductless units maintain a desirable inside temperature and humidity level, thereby inhibiting mold growth. Ductless units also filter out airborne allergens and other particulate matter; an especially important concern for Southern Californians who regularly experience poor air quality and for whom wildfire season is a fact of life.   

4.   You Have a Rusted AC Unit Hanging out the Window.

If you go to look out the window, but your view is obscured by a hideous, hulking, and likely rumbling AC unit, it is time to consider an upgrade.  Windows are meant to be enjoyed.  And when it comes to buildings, aesthetics count for something.  As an alternative, modern ductless units are low profile and afford a range of unobtrusive installation options to meet your needs and your style.

5. Your Current System Keeps Breaking Down.

At some point it is just not worth continuing to pour money and time into a sub par system.  Compounding the headache, unreliable systems tend to break downwhen they are under the most stress, i.e. during peak temperatures.  Which also tends to be when it is most difficult to get a service technician out.  Take the long view and consider what makes sense both financially and in terms of comfort. If you’re searching for AC repair near me, we hope you’ll choose Command Comfort, which is able to fix or replace your unit depending on your situation.

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