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Do I need A/C for my home in Orange County, CA:

That’s a good question and of course we are inclined to say yes. But let’s think about it for a moment. There are other alternatives to air conditioning if you don’t need it “cold” in your house. Whole house fans work fine for some, especially those near the coast where it most often cools down at night. Using a whole house fan allows you to inexpensively draw in cool air from outdoors through open windows and doors and expels the hot air in your home into your attic. If properly designed, it will help force the hot air out of your attic as well, further reducing the heat load from above. But here’s the catch. They ONLY work well when it’s cooler outside than it is inside. For many that’s not enough, myself included personally. Also keep in mind that here is So Cal, we have fire season and it’s usually worst when it’s hottest out. Having to pull in the outside air through your home when fires are ranging in the distance (hopefully very far from your home) can obviously be displeasing. But, if you think a whole house fan for your Orange County home is sufficient we can help! It’s a nice alternative or an addition to air conditioning.

If you want it cool in your home, you need air conditioning. Yes even in Orange County, CA. Most people have come to the realization that it just keeps getting hotter in these parts and it shows. There is a growing demand for adding air conditioning to homes in this area that never needed it before. Some people say it’s getting hotter every year, some say it’s more humid and some just admit they are getting older and can’t stand the heat like they used to. Either way, there are some really good ways to air condition your home these days. Mitsubishi Electric makes ducted AND ductless systems. That’s right, ductless. With this technology, you can heat and cool every room in your house to a specific temperature or just one room. With central a/c, you are forced to use a large system to cool a large space through ducting, whether your occupying all that space or not. Personally I think having to heat or cool an entire house for most people is a bit silly but it also has its benefits. It can be less expensive upfront, especially if your house is already ducted and has sufficient ducting. But nothing beats a mini-split system by Mitsubishi Electric. They are quiet (quieter than a human whisper sometimes), incredibly energy efficient (easily 40% more than comparable central system) and provide room-by-room climate control very quickly. No more waiting for the house to cool down while having to turn up the tv because of how loud it is. No more fighting about the temperature you want. They are so efficient you set it to your comfort level and that’s it.

Finally some other systems you could use to cool your home in Orange County are a window a/c, through the wall a/c or even a portable a/c system. These can be picked up a local hardware store and installed by you or a local handyman. 

So ultimately the answer to the question is, probably. But it’s a personal preference. I hope this quick blog about the options helps you but you probably want more info. Call us and one of our friendly team members will take all the time you need to review all the options. We want what’s best for you!

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