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Command Comfort Blog

Climate Control: A Modern Solution

There are many advantages to using ductless mini-split systems.  They are more efficient.  They are long-lasting.  They are quiet.  They come in a variety of options.  They don’t require ducts.  They can be adjusted individually.  But one of their main draws is that they truly are a modern solution.  Now, it’s easier than ever to control the climate in your home, and not just overall, but in specific areas. 

Climate Control At Your Fingertips

With ductless mini-split systems, you have climate control at your fingertips.  Most fan coils come with a remote for individual operation.  But your Mitsubishi air conditioner dealers can allow you to make use of Mitsubishi’s own smart phone climate control, through the kumo cloud app, which is available for iOS as well as Android devices.  The kumo cloud app allows you to control the temperature throughout your house, and much more.  Wireless adapters are installed into each ductless unit and connect to your kumo cloud service account.  All you have to do is create a username and password, and you can log into the account and app.  This will allow you to group, program, and control your ductless units with the touch of a finger.

Grouping Your Ductless Systems

If you have multiple ductless mini-split systems in your house, the kumo cloud app allows you to group them for easier control.  You can even put groups on a schedule, to make for more efficient climate control throughout the day.  If you aren’t in your bedrooms during a certain part of the day, you can create a “Bedrooms” group, and have it set to not run, or only run at a certain capacity during those parts of the day.  You can do the same things with upstairs areas, or any other area you think would benefit from its own group and schedule.  This can help you maximize efficiency in your home.

It’s Smarter

The kumo cloud app is compatible with smart assistants.  That means you can use Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant to verbally control your temperature.  In a modern world, there’s nothing more fitting or convenient than that.

Filter Reminders

In addition to letting you easily group, control, and even schedule the climate in different areas of your home, the kumo cloud app also allows you to set filter reminders for your ductless mini-split systems.  Changing your filters is important for indoor air quality, so having the ability to set a reminder for when to change them is really a modern touch.

Making The Most Of This Solution

Asdedicated Mitsubishi air conditioner dealers, Command Comfort we can help you get the modern solution to climate control.  We make it easy for you to control the comfort of your home.  Invest in your home.  Give it a modern touch.  Go ductless.  And get smart phone climate control.

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