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Choosing Zoned Climate Control

Air conditioning is an important element of home comfort.  Whether it’s too cold or too hot, climate control and finding the right temperature matters.  But as you search for hvac companies near me, you’ll soon find there is more than one climate control solution.  There is general climate control, that you can get with central air conditioning, and there is zoned climate control, that can be more easily found with ductless mini-split or hybrid systems.  How do you make the right choice?   There are many things to consider.  We will help you determine if zoned climate control is the right option for you.

Do You Have Ducting?       

Not all homes have ducting.  If yours doesn’t, then a ductless mini-split system might be the right solution for you.  It doesn’t require ducts to work, and can be easily installed. 

Do You Use All The Rooms Of Your House At All Times?

Another thing to consider, is whether or not you, your family, or other residents of your home typically use all the rooms of the house.  If you have rooms that often go unused for certain parts of the day, you might benefit from zoned climate control.  This will allow you to only heat or cool rooms in use, maximizing efficiency and eliminating energy waste. 

Do You Want A Long-Term Solution?

Fans or space heaters might be an okay temporary solution, but do you want a more permanent solution?  If you do, zoned climate control is likely a good option for you.  Ductless mini-split systems and zoned hybrid systems are long-lasting and worthwhile long-term solutions for climate control in your home.

Do You Want Clean Air?

An important consideration to make, when choosing climate control options, is air quality.  If you want clean, filtered air, zoned climate control is the perfect solution for you.  It allows you to filter your air and breathe more easily, protecting against allergies and asthma. 

Do You Experience Hot And Cold Spots?  

If you experience hot or cold spots in your house, zoned climate control is certainly the ideal solution for you.  It will help you adjust temperatures in specific areas, and has options that send air directly to areas that get hotter or colder than other parts of a room. 

Do You Want To Save Money? 

 If you want to save money, ductless mini-split systems or zoned hybrid systems are a great solution for you.  They are much more efficient than central air conditioning, and can help you save up to 40% on heating and cooling.  They will not only help you save money, but also help you reduce your carbon footprint and reduce energy waste. 

Do You Work In The Garage?

If you work in the garage, zoned climate control can help you adjust your temperature accordingly.  It doesn’t have to be too hot or cold to get your work done.

Do You Have Additions?

Having additions to your house is another reason to consider zoned climate control.  Oftentimes, additions to your house cannot be accessed by central air conditioning.  Ductless and hybrid systems will help you reach these areas and control their climates so they are just as comfortable as any other room in your house.

Do You Have Pets?

Finally, if you have pets, you have another reason to consider zoned climate control.  This can benefit them when you are away from home.  Plus, with most ductless mini-systems being whisper quiet, you won’t have to worry about startling your pets when the air turns on.

We Hope These Considerations Have Helped

We hope these considerations have been helpful in determining if zoned climate control is right for you.  If you have begun your search for hvac companies near me, let Command Comfort help.  We specialize in providing premium zoned climate control for homes and businesses with the very best systems.  We have earned a strong reputation, and believe we can help you take care of your climate control needs, whatever they may be. 

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