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What Does it Mean to be a Mitsubishi Diamond Elite Contractor?

It may be obvious, but it bears repeating; not all air conditioning repair in Los Alamitos is equally experienced or equally capable. At Command Comfort, we’ve pulled out all the stops to show how much quality matters to us. To ensure high quality, consistent service, Mitsubishi Electric utilizes a tiered certification system to qualify and rank contractors.  Certified contractors are authorized to install and service Mitsubishi Heating and Cooling Systems.   Mitsubishi Electric reserves Diamond Elite status for the topmost tier of contractors.   A Diamond Elite Contractor designation indicates a high level of technical ability coupled with excellent customer service.    

Diamond Elite Contractors Receive Mitsubishi Certified Training

A Diamond Elite Contractor’s technicians receive in person training directly from Mitsubishi Certified Training programs.  Technicians must demonstrate a high level of competency when it comes to installing a heating and cooling system.  Specifically, technicians receive instruction in how to install a Mitsubishi System according to factory specifications.  When it comes to installations, Diamond Elite Contractors neither compromise nor improvise.  Diamond Elite Contractors install systems by the book; specifically the book that comes directly from the manufacturer.    

Diamond Elite Contractors Utilize Mitsubishi Authorized Software

Doing a job right entails using the right tools.  When Command Comfort installs a Mitsubishi System, we utilize Mitsubishi certified software to test and validate the system installation.  A Diamond Elite Contractor does not fall back on improvised half measures or idiosyncratic folk wisdom.  Diamond Elite Contractors understand that proper installation and maintenance require using tools designed by experts specifically for the job at hand.       

A Diamond Elite Contractors Registers Installations with Mitsubishi Electric

To obtain and maintain Elite Diamond status, a contractor must register a minimum number of units per year with Mitsubishi Electric.  This ensures that once installed, a unit is registered directly with the manufacturer, guaranteeing the unit is covered by the manufacturer’s parts warranty.  The process of registration also demonstrates the contractors consistency and a high level of experience as demonstrated by regular practical application of skills. 

We are Proud to be a Diamond Elite Contractor At Command Comfort we take great pride in our status as a Mitsubishi Diamond Elite Contractor, and view it as a badge of our status of best air conditioning repair in Los Alamitos. Only a minority of contractors obtain this certification.  Diamond Elite designation is reserved for only the minority of contractors who possess a high level of technical competency as well as integrity and excellent customer service.   Diamond Elite Status implies the most consistent high level of performance.  When it comes to getting a job done right, some things are best left to the professionals.

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